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ICWP Women Playwrights Podcast

Sep 6, 2022

Lou Beckett discusses her play, Bletchley Girls, accompanied by an excerpt from the audio play.

Lou Beckett wrote for the stage until Covid lockdowns inspired the director of her play, Bletchley Girls, to turn it into a radio play and podcast. Since then, the allure of having a legacy for one’s work, as well as the continuing presence of Covid, has meant her subsequent plays have been created for radio/podcast.

Pictured: Tthe Bletchley Girls creative team

Lou’s other works include Rotten Luck, The Parrot, the Poet, and the Philanderer, and  Forbidden Music.

Upcoming works:

We Can’t Be, a new audio play, tells the story of two young women who decide their town needs a statue of a woman.

Lou's  Online Pages


Facebook Page  @loubeckett.playwright
Twitter: @loubeckett4

Instagram:  loubeckett_      

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